American Lives Lost on 9/11 vs Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Now that Obama has officially declared the end of  the Iraq War aka “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, I thought it’d be interesting to see how many American lives were actually lost during September 11, 2001 compared to how many were lost during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (invasions).

Based on the sites I found that mention the casualties:

The terrorist attacks killed 2,973 victims in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania (source)

US Military Deaths in Iraq: 4417
US Military Deaths in Afghanistan (to date): 1267

This of course is not counting the over tens of thousands wounded American soldiers.

So there you have it:

American lives lost on 9/11: 2973
American lives lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars: 5684

That’s almost double the amount! Hmm…so if their true motive was going after Al-Qaeda and “terrorists” with these two wars, then I guess we can see who truly won?

What are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “American Lives Lost on 9/11 vs Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

  1. faltering economy. The U.S. has lost its way…debt exceeds $14 trillion,14 million americans are unemployed,public health, education, social services, and police and fire departments are facing cutbacks. Yet,greed, uncontrolled corporate power, and addiction to foreign oil have led U.S to perpetual war, and economic and moral decline

  2. Think about how many they lost themselves. You only counted US military losses, yet you didnt count the other side. I think us going into Iraq / Afghanistan was a reasonable choice because whos to say the wouldnt have kept bombing us. They couldve made it a weekly thing. and as a result of us deploying our troops it took not even a handfull to kill Osama.

  3. Your point on the many lives lost in the war is not lost on me, but as far as winning and losing are concerned, you must also consider the casualties on the other side. Al Qaeda lost its leader, which would be arguably the equivalent of our having our president assassinated by the terrorists. In addition, we don’t don’t exactly how many Al Qaeda there are, but it is safe to say they are far less than there are Americans. So if we kill all of them and that is still less than American lives lost, did Americans still lose? No. Because Americans will still exist, and Al Qaeda will not. So the US is winning its war. That said, was it worth it to go in there like we did? I don’t think so, but extremist Islam and the terrorists are not going to win either, because the young people from the middle east are attracted to the western lifestyle. That is was will eventually eventually destroy extremist groups like Al Qaeda.

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